Club rules and etiquette of the game

The  most expressive definition of Etiquette is "conventional decorum". It is those little acts that help to make our game a wonderful creator of sociability and friendship.
Etiquette is not an explanation of the duties of the various players in the team; but it is those little extras that make the game an agreeable pastime and give it  it’s great charm, that make the loser feel he has not lost in vain. This might lead you to think there is even a sweetness in defeat.

These acts of courtesy are the unwritten laws of the game.

The best way to learn the basics is to come along and play with experienced players and they will gladly teach you the ropes. If anyone would like a taster session this can be arranged either for individuals or organised groups.

A detailed explanation of the rules and bye laws of the game can be read at Bowls Scotland.

Hopeman is an equal opportunities club, where all full ladies and gents members have equal rights within the club. We have a  Management Committee which is responsible for the general running of the club including the building, greens, finances, memberships  and bowling matters, The club has 4 bowling sections i.e. Gents, Ladies Indoor and Outdoor The Gents Section is affiliated to the Scottish Bowling Association (SBA) who host national competitions, the Highland Bowling Association (HBA) who host competitions  at a county level and Banffshire Bowling Association (BBA), who run the local league and cup competitions. Our Ladies Section is also affiliated to the Scottish Woman’s Bowling Association (SWBA) and the Morayshire Ladies Bowling Association (MLBA), We hold many social, events where top class acts perform regularly. Our hall accommodates up to 100 people and often hosts private functions for members. Applications for the use of the hall are made via a club member and vetted by the Management Committee. 


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